Co-Impact: The Partnership for a Breakthrough in Arab Employment,is a groundbreaking nonprofit organization aimed at dramatically increasing the number of Arabs working in the private sector in Israel. Our work is based on two key pillars:

Empowering the private sector to take the lead towards a breakthrough in the full and adequate integration of the Arab population in employment, society and the Israeli economy.

Building a partner network of stakeholders from various sectors- the third sector, Arab society, philanthropy and government.

Making a breakthrough
promoting the percentage
of Arabs employed
in the
private sector
Providing equal
opportunities for the
integration of Arab
employees in appropriate
employment in accordance
with their skills
Changing attitudes
among employers
Addressing the deep barriers that exist in the employment of
the Arab population, while emphasizing the business case.
Improving the economic and employment situation within Arab society and
increasing Arab society's contribution to the growth of the Israeli economy.
Reducing discrimination and improving
Jewish-Arab shared society.
Coca Cola
Central Bottling Co
Strauss Water
Tel Aviv University
Herzog Fox Neeman
Haifa University
Kav Mashve
Discount Bank
Abraham Initiatives
Appleseeds Academy
3,000 Employees

The accumulative number of placements since
Co-Impact's establishment
stands on 3,000 employees.

472 New employees

During the first half of 2019,
472 new Arab employees
started working in 11

20% Arab employees

In four of our companies
the percentage of
employees is 20%.

An increase of2.6%

A significant increase in the percentage
of skilled Arab employees in companies-
from 1% at the start to 2.6% today.

70 Active pairs

Our mentoring program has grown to
include over
100 Arab-Jewish pairs.

Of these, about 70 are active pairs.

300 Business Executives

The Business Council has 300
Arab and Jewish business executives

working together to bring the employers
perspective to the table.

There are large gaps between Jews and Arabs in unemployment, fields of employment and in income levels. These gaps undermine the rights of Arab society, and negatively affect the Israeli economy, business companies and the prospects for social solidarity.



The vision of Co-Impact is to promote the full and appropriate inclusion of the Arab population into Israeli employment, society and the economy, in a way that will strengthen both Arab communities and the sustainability and strength of the economy in general.

Excerpt from the President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin's,
remarks at a conference of the CEOs of the companies
Co-Impact works with
in July 2017.

If someone had told me two years ago, when we set out together on this program, that we would reach this moment and these results, I would say that it is not realistic... You are promoting processes and changes that are vital to the future and prosperity of the State of Israel.